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Friday, April 30, 2010
3:02 PM

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2:25 PM

Travels with A&D in Search of...something. Ch. 5

Oh great....now he's hitting on flight attendants!!! (and scoring!)

11:36 AM

Travels with A&D in Search of...something. Ch. 4

He overdid it. He always does.

Phil Wednesday, April 28, 2010
6:50 PM

Travels with A&D in Search of...something. Ch. 3

A&D needs a cocktail...

4:00 PM

Things I Can't Believe Today

a) I can't believe they made a MacGruber film. b) I can't believe I just called it a "film." c) I can't believe I think I wanna see it.


11:15 AM

Travels with A&D in Search of...something. Ch. 2

To some passengers, its actually a pretty substantial sized bag.

12:06 AM

Travels with A&D in Search of...something. Ch.1

A&D likes to look at the planes take off and land from the terminal windows. He's most fascinated by the trucks with the crappy food trays.

All strapped in and ready for takeoff.

Phil Thursday, April 22, 2010
3:42 PM



Hi Everyone…

“A&D” (that’s what the cool kids are calling “Arrivals and Departures” nowadays. Well, the cool kids that live in my mind), is now up and available on iTunes! When people asked me how long it takes to get an album on iTunes, I say it usually takes 4-6 weeks or so. Well, not for Dave Matthews, but for a lot of independent artists like me. Well, it’s up there now after only a week and a half. A week and a half, baby!

You can just open up your iTunes and search Phil Ayoub. Some people prefer to buy their downloads from iTunes, so this is for you. It’s also for the people who might not want the whole album cause they’re a little choosier with what songs they want…

Only want the rocking songs? There’s a song for that.

Only want the love songs? There’s a song for that.

Only want the heartbreak songs? There’s a song for that.

Only want the songs that feature a dog performing? Or more specifically, a dog on percussion? There’s a song for that. Actually two songs for that. Or a dog on barkground vocals? There’s a different song for that.

Only want the song that features a cat performing? A cat, a cat, why yes, there’s a song for that.

Only want the song that mentions Richard Simmons, Elvis Presley, Tony Danza, and Clint Eastwood? Well then ask yourself, do you feel lucky? You should. Cause (God help us) there’s a song for that.

Only want the song with a Seinfeld reference? There’s a song for that. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Only want the song with a reference to Krispy Kreme donuts, the sitcom Friends (you gotta listen closely for that one), and the game show Press Your Luck? No whammies here, there’s a song for that.

Only want the song that was inspired by Matthew McConaughey? There’s a song for that (I’m typing this mailer with one hand, while standing in front of an open window playing the bongos with the other. Nude.).

Only want the song with a swear word? There’s a song for that (shhhh….no one tell my mom).




Whenever I say “A&D” it reminds me of “D&D.” Which is of course Dunkin Donuts. I was there the other day (I’m there every day) and I saw that they’re selling retro t-shirts. I bought one. I put it on. It smells like donuts. Or maybe I smell like donuts.

Its Friday, I’m tanned…have a great weekend everyone!


3:37 PM

MAILER FROM 4/6---NEW RECORD AVAILABLE NOW: “Arrivals and Departures” released today!

MAILER FROM 4/6---NEW RECORD AVAILABLE NOW: “Arrivals and Departures” released today!

Hi Everyone,

Well I am THRILLED to announce that my new CD, ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES, has….um…uh…what’s the word for “come in” or “landed” or “gotten here?” Well anyway, you get the point…


Special thanks to my producer and good friend Tim Bradshaw, and everyone else who worked so hard on the music, artwork, and packaging!

You can check it out and purchase it at my website, of course:


It’s on the side bar of the site and the Store page as well:


And is available in hard copy, mp3 downloads, and in a discounted package with Schoolbus Window Paper Heart.


Tip #1: You can buy the hard copy by clicking EITHER the RED or YELLOW buttons on the site. I think they’re the same price. And despite what you’ve been taught all these years don’t let “red” stop you and don’t hesitate even for a second at “yellow.”

Tip #2: If you prefer downloadable mp3’s, you can do that from the RED button ONLY as of right now.

Tip #3: If you want a discounted bundle of the new record with Schoolbus Window Paper Heart, you can do that from the YELLOW button ONLY as of right now.

Tip #4: Both will take credit card. Yellow also accepts Paypal.

Tip #5: If you’re undecided, I would suggest the hard copies as opposed to the mp3’s. Better sound quality and prettier pictures! That is assuming you can wait the day or two for it to arrive in the mail. I know, I know, it’ll feel like an eternity…


Well, it’s been available for about 12 hours, so there aren’t any reviews yet. I don’t even think my mom has listened to it yet. She says she’ll get to it soon, though. So I’ll have to give you my reviews:

“If you loved SWPH, A&D is 13 songs more of the same of what you loved about it!”

“If you thought SWPH was pretty good, A&D builds on that and takes it to a completely new level!”

“If you didn’t like SWPH, then well…you must be Dave Frederick from Knoxville, TN. Cause I think he was the only one.”


Thanks so much to all that bought the single “Flowers at Work” (inspired by Matthew McConaughey, of course) for the Haiti Relief Fund benefit! I really appreciated so many people participating and it meant a lot to me that we could help them out a bit. Thanks!


I am now on Twitter! Wanna know what I’m doing and thinking virtually every minute of every day? I know you do. Connect with me on there:



So I have a Facebook “friend” page and a “fan” page.

If you’re already a friend, then fan me here!

If you’re already a fan, then friend me here!

If you’re already both, then you are automatically a member of the "phil phacebook phan and phriend hall of phame."


Announcer: “Phil Ayoub, you just released a new CD! It’s the culmination of weeks, months, and years of hard work….what are you gonna do now??!!"

PA: “I’M GOING TO….the dentist.”

(No, seriously, I have a dentist appointment today. Rock star...)

To everyone on this list, I know it’s been a while since I’ve put out any new music so I truly appreciate you all sticking around and your continued interest. Its nice to have some new songs to share and thank you all so much!


Phil Thursday, February 18, 2010
4:42 PM


I'm happy to be spotlighted on the home page of a great podshow out of Indiana called "The Mothpod with Zack Daggy." Check out the link below and read the interview. Big thanks goes out to Zack "The Mothman" Daggy!


Phil Monday, February 08, 2010
12:10 PM

Hello Everyone…

Well it has been some time now, hasn’t it?! I’m sure many of you had a feeling I’d be popping my head out sometime this month, maybe even on the 2nd, you know, with the whole “Phil/Groundhog” thing. But that would have been exactly what you would have expected!!!

Instead I re-emerge from my hole in the ground at the start of Valentine’s week, with a new song, and another way we can help out the victims of the earthquake in Haiti a little bit.

The song is called “Flowers at Work” and is being released a little early (ahem…) from the forthcoming album Arrivals and Departures. It is now available for 99 cents, and 100 percent of my proceeds from all purchased downloads of this song between now and February 15 will be donated to the American Red Cross for the Haiti Relief and Development Fund. See the storefront icon on the home page or the link below:


Please forward this on to your friends who you think might like the song and/or want to help out this important cause!

Is it a perfect Valentine’s Day song (as if you couldn’t tell from the title), or what?! And you know what else…you know what else you can do? (And this could be the best part!). When you purchase the song, you can…..(wait for it…wait for it…) you can SEND IT AS A GIFT! That’s right, you can actually have it sent to someone via email as a gift. I know…I know! How perfect is that?!

Guys: She’ll LOVE the song! It’s a wonderful declaration of how you feel about her, how much she means to you. You’ve sent her flowers tons of times, but this year send the song instead of flowers!

(DISCLAIMER: Despite the above statement, Phil does not recommend giving ONLY the song as a Valentine’s Day gift. That’ll probably get you in a buttload of trouble. The song is most effective as part of a “gift package” of some sort. Maybe you give her the song early in the week, and then actually SEND the flowers to her later in the week. So you make a statement, then you back that talk up. See what I’m getting at here? If you just get her the song and nothing else, well….I’m not gonna be held responsible.)

Ladies: You love the big lug, but you have a funny feeling that he doesn’t even know what month we’re in, let alone that Valentine’s Day is coming up. Think he needs a little hint? A little nudge? Send him this song, and watch the sparks fly! Oh and make sure to have an empty vase around at all times…

(DISCLAIMER #2: You know as well as I do that as clear as this song is, he’ll still never get the hint. Start with the song, but you’re probably gonna have to eventually spell it out for him. A few times. Slowly.)


Many of you are probably wondering… “Phil, if you wanted to use your musical talents to help, why didn’t you just participate in the Hope for Haiti telethon organized by George Clooney that happened a couple weeks ago?”

Excellent question. And in fact I did make an offer to perform, but never got a response. And I think I know why. Although it’s supposed to be kept secret, it is widely known in entertainment circles that George Clooney demands that he be the most handsome man at any event he is involved in. IT’S EVEN IN HIS CONTRACT! Although his people will deny it and he’ll say he knows nothing about it, it’s a known fact. That is clearly why he ignored my offer to perform at the telethon he organized. And that is why, if it’s up to him, you will never see me and Clooney in the same room at the same time. I know, I know…he seems more down to earth than that, but it’s all an act. Talk about a guy with a distorted self-image and over inflated ego!!! Now, back to my amazing song…Here’s the link:


In all seriousness, I’ve been wanting to do my part to help the earthquake victims a little bit. I did buy hot chocolate and pastry from some kids on the street who were raising money for the Red Cross relief effort. But after eating 17 muffins and downing a gallon and a half of hot chocolate, I knew I could do more. I figured this was a good way to do that, and get some music out in advance of the new record’s release. More to come on that very soon, by the way!

Thanks everyone!






PS-Speaking of that telethon, donating $100 DOES NOT get you a date with Reese Witherspoon. Trust me, I speak from experience…

Phil Wednesday, June 17, 2009
10:34 AM


Sent in by my great friend Dave in Staten Island...


Phil Wednesday, June 10, 2009
1:12 PM


Honolulu, HI

(Some even bring CD's with them wherever they go)

Laramie, WY

(Go Cowboys!)


Boston, MA

Phil Tuesday, June 09, 2009
3:07 PM


New York/Jersey shore (Can someone tell me how I can airbrush that Yankees hat out????!!!!!)

Rumford, Rhode Island

Naples, FL

Cape Cod, MA

Martha's Vineyard, MA

(Yeah I know this guy is in a bunch of them. I guess he's like my biggest fan...yeah, in the Kathy Bates "Misery" way)

Phil Friday, June 05, 2009
4:03 PM


Are they at the Roman Amphitheater in Syria, you ask (the only one in the world still fully in tact)? Well, see below. Warning: Do not try to look as good as this man in his Ayoub shirt. He is a professional handsome man.

7:50 AM

No, no…don’t panic. Your web browser is not playing tricks on you. This is actually a new journal update. The first one in, oh, I don’t even want to think about how long (just under a year, actually). In the time since the last entry I have:

-imbibed 457 gallons of Dunkin Donuts coffee

-eaten the 3rd most sushi by anyone living in the continental United States

-watched 82 episodes of Family Guy (I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I only recently discovered it)

-played at Madison Square Garden* (*had one of my songs played over the PA at MSG during pre-game)

-received 6 great seasonal mix CD’s from fan club prez Jersey Joe

-watched 0 episodes of American Idol and Jon & Kate + Eight combined

-gotten 14 fantastic haircuts

-been in Nashville, New York, Florida, Syria, Lebanon, Calgary, Banff Springs, Las Vegas, Manchester (England, not New Hampshire), and Stamford CT.

-had 1 reunion show with my old band Riverside Train (stay tuned for one upcoming!) and 0 reunion shows with my old band A.S.S. (stay tunes for one upcoming!)

-came within 10 seconds of meeting Julio Iglesias (that’s Enrique’s dad, for those youngsters out there)

The bad news is, yeah, I haven’t been writing in the journal (maybe some of you think that’s good news). The good news is that I have been writing songs (maybe some of you think that’s bad….HEY, WAIT!). And those songs are starting to turn into the next record. Yes, that is correct, work has begun on the long-awaited follow up to SWPH, my last record in case some of you forgot. I had vowed to get it done and out before Axl released Chinese Democracy, but alas that was not to be. At least it’ll be done in less total time than that disc. Hopefully.

I had thought about doing a daily online journal (I know you people call those things “blogs” but I hate that word) chronicling the recording of the second disc and calling it “Phil Ayoub: Making Number 2” but I knew I wouldn’t be good about writing in it regularly. I do promise, though, that it will not be another full year before my next journal entry! Hopefully…

(There you go TCOTS…a little Friday workday treat for you)

Phil Tuesday, June 10, 2008
11:27 AM


Hello Everyone…

Forgot about me, didn’t ya?

I know its been a while, but I’m still around and hope you’re all having a great spring and on into summertime! Well, YOU may have forgotten about me but the website “All Things Girl” did not...I am humbled/thrilled/shocked to have been chosen that website’s “Man of the Moment” for the month of June! I know you’re thinking I am indeed a man for more than one moment, a man for the millennium perhaps, but first thing’s first. I had a fantastic conversation with A.L. Harper, who I love, and she wrote a great piece for the site.

I can’t help but feel much like Matt Damon felt when he won People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2008. Feeling very humble and unworthy…publicly, at least. Like Matt, I’m playing the “modest” card publicly, but inside thinking “its about time I get noticed for the hot mound of molten sex lava that I am!!! I knew all the work I’ve done on my hair and perfecting my tan would pay off!”

Having been chosen for the month of June, I do kind of feel like my picture should be in a take-home calendar, like they do with the firemen. With a picture of me wearing nothing but a fireman’s hat and suspenders, just standing there holding my hose…

(FIREHOSE! Get your mind out of the gutter!!!)

Here’s the link to the site. Click “Man of the Moment” there on the right:



Getting on to music stuff, I’ll give you guys a heads up on a couple of shows going on this summer. In addition to a regular Ayoub band show in August, there’ll be a Riverside Train reunion show at The Times (where else could it ever be?!) in July for Albie’s birthday! And this will feature the return of “New Guy!”

Riverside Train shows are extremely rare, as you all know. It takes a heck of lot of us to get back together! (Actually, it really doesn’t. We’ll reunite for anything. Bar Mitzvahs, anniversaries, your cat’s birthday party..its just that no one ever asks us.)

SAT. 7/19 THE TIMES, Boston, MA
***RIVERSIDE TRAIN reunion show

FRI. 8/22 CASK ‘N FLAGON (Oliver’s), Boston, MA
***regular Ayoub band show w/a great band from CT Remember September

As always, check the website for any updates, additions, cancellations, changes, phone numbers, addresses, etc.



So as many of you know, I have been spending some time in Nash-Vegas (Nashville…not to be confused with Manch-Vegas Manchester, NH) this spring, and I’ve come across A TON of great artists, songwriters, and great friends. Here are a few that you should check out if you like finding new music. And if you go to their pages and check out their stuff, y’all make sure to tell ‘em Phil sent you, ya hear?!

(the only man in Nashville tough enough to invite me on stage to sing with him!)
Songs: Thrown Through the Windshield, Two Teardrops and a Six-Pack, 90-Proof Mistake

Songs: Ten Feet Tall, Made for You, This Is Goodbye

Song: She Wouldn’t Be Gone

Song: Alone

Song: Red Lights and Last Names

Song: Shutting Down

Songs: Heaven’s My Home, What Do I Do Now

Song: Love You Best

Song: That Man

I probably forgot someone…

Thanks everyone! Go Celtics!




Phil Monday, June 09, 2008
1:47 PM

Phil Friday, March 14, 2008
5:57 PM


...I DO NOT condone this type of action! You know, just slap ’em around a bit...

Woman stabs partner to death after fight over Bruce Springsteen

(CNN) -- An Australian woman pleaded guilty Thursday to fatally stabbing her boyfriend because he objected to her listening to Bruce Springsteen’s music.

The national news agency, Australian Associated Press, reported that the Supreme Court in the city of Brisbane sentenced Karen Lee Cooper to eight years in prison.

Cooper told arresting officers she "just got tired" of her boyfriend, Kevin Watson, bossing her around during their two-year relationship.

"I couldn’t even play Bruce Springsteen on my stereo. Can you believe that? Can you believe that?" Cooper told police, according to the Courier Mail newspaper.

Later, in a formal police interview, she repeated her claims: "I mean, who doesn’t like Bruce Springsteen? I am 49 years old and I want to play my own music."

Springsteen is an award-winning American singer-songwriter, best known for his lyrics about the struggles of the common man.

The couple had been drinking at their rental home the night of the stabbing two years ago when they began arguing over Cooper’s choice of music, the Australian Associated Press said.

Cooper’s lawyer told the court she experienced a "brain snap." She ran to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and stabbed Watson, 49, after he said he didn’t want her to listen to a Springsteen CD, the newspaper said.

Cooper took a handful of pills before calling police. She told officers she hoped the pills would kill her before they arrived.

According to the press reports, Cooper regretted the stabbing and did not think her boyfriend deserved to die...


Phil Tuesday, March 04, 2008
12:44 PM


Whatever name you prefer to call him by, I had the pleasure of meeting him before the recent Springsteen show in Montreal (A big thanks to MIX 96 and their very lovely promotions coordinator, who I believe also has to be the mayor of Montreal...). Now, I've been to a few "meet and greet" type things and sometimes the artist can be very friendly, and other times you can tell they're just going through the motions and dying to get out of there. I have to say, Steve (that's what I call him..."Steve") was extremely gracious and friendly and relaxed. He seemed in a great mood, spoke for a few minutes with everyone there, and definitely did not act as if the ten-thousand and somethingth "meet and greet" he's done in his life was a chore for him.

Now, I know he's become quite the lauded thespian these last few years so maybe he was just acting...but still, I felt like he was genuinely happy to meet me! (I mean, who wouldn't be though, right?)

So there were about 30 or so people waiting to meet him. One of the women in our group told us how excited she was. Then Steve walked in with a few people. After a minute or so, the woman asked us "Who's the guy in the bandana?" "Ha ha," we responded. But no...she was serious.

So I'd driven 6 hours up from Massachusetts to meet him (I mean, um, I'd driven 6 hours to see my friend! Little Steven was the icing on the cake), and a woman, who was about to meet him and was supposedly so excited, didn't even know who he was. The guy in the bandana.

Oh yeah, and of course you know what she said next..."Wait, wasn't he in The Sopranos???"

Phil Friday, December 14, 2007
11:57 AM

(RECENT MAILER) HOBOKEN NJ WEDNESDAY, I had a friend who was a “BIG” baseball player…

Hello Everyone (and a special welcome to those who have recently joined this mailing list, thank you VERY much!),

Well my friends I’ll be making the 9 hour trek down to New Jersey once again (I drive slow. I obey all traffic laws) for a special night in Hoboken. I’ll be playing a short set (4 or 5 songs) at Maxwell’s, a club famous for many things including being the site where the “Glory Days” video was filmed. How cool is Maxwell’s??? Let’s just say that when I was told where I could park, “Frank Sinatra Drive” was mentioned!

This is a special show, as it will be part of the New Jersey Songwriters in the Round series that will benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, complete with raffles and giveaways! It will be FREE to get in, and an ALL AGES SHOW!



WED. 12/19, MAXWELL’S, HOBOKEN, NJ, 8:30 pm
***ALL AGES SHOW! FREE! Acoustic set playing about 4 or 5 songs as part of the New Jersey Songwriters in the Round series benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. A few other artists will be performing, including my good friend Joe Colledge (http://www.joecolledge.com/), who recently put out a great CD called “Table for One.”

I would have billed this show as a “Jersey Joe Extravaganza” since my great friend and fan club prez Jersey Joe is the link between Joe Colledge and me, but we’ll postpone that event for now. Also, Jersey Joe has been feeling a bit under the weather lately, but he has been recovering nicely. We wish him a continued speedy recovery!

As usual, please check out the website for any changes, additions, updates, cancellations, and details of the day I was trapped in a sushi restaurant in Hoboken because of a bomb scare (true story).



As many of you have heard by now, I have recently been named in a report documenting the use of dangerous drug. Surprisingly, I am not talking about the Mitchell Report that came out yesterday detailing the use of anabolic steroids, as many of you who have seen my shirtless body up close have suspected (the rippling abs, the bulbous buttocks, the python biceps, the great hair). No, I have achieved this body “au natural” as the Spanish say, with pure old-fashioned hard work. Yep, hard work and the Thighmaster (and Abmaster, Buttmaster, Lovehandlemaster…if there’s a body part, I’ve mastered it).

No, not The Mitchell Report. I am, in fact, talking about “The Dunkin Report.” Which, of course, details the use and abuse of another powerful and should-be-illegal substance, Dunkin Donuts Coffee. “D&D” as us junkies call it, has had a hold on me for years and it finally caught up to me. The report has detailed information, including a transcript of an interaction with one unnamed source who ratted me out. Here’s an excerpt:

PA: “I’m afraid of needles. YOU’RE gonna have to inject me.”

Unnamed Source: “Um, sir, I’m a drive-thru worker. I can give you the cup of coffee, but we don’t use needles.”

PA: “Come on, inject my buttocks with that D&D coffee now!”

Unnamed Source: “I’m not touching your butt, sir.”

PA: “Hurry up, there’s a car behind me.”


So if this is the last time I email you all this year, have the happiest of holiday seasons, and a wonderful new year! I thank you all very much for being on this mailing list. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support, as its getting more and more difficult for independent artists to prosper in the music industry today. So thank you very, very much!

Looking forward to seeing some of you at Maxwell’s next Wednesday. Afterwards we’ll all go out and inject some Dunkin Donuts coffee into our butts. I hear it’s legal in Jersey…

(I don’t care how many artist/band mailing lists you’re on right now, none of them have ever mentioned the word “buttocks” as many times as this one. Sure, you might poo poo its over-usage when you talk about this mailer with your friends at work, but secretly you love me for it.)

Thanks everyone!





Music Producer Rob Fusari Gives Back with SEASON FOR LOVE
Holiday Music Project Aims to Help Fund Blood Cancer Research

When something hits close to home; you have no other choice but do something to help. With his cousin passing from Leukemia at the age of 22 and his dear friend Pia passing recently in 9 short months from Lymphoma, multi-platinum music producer Rob Fusari chose the power of song to help raise awareness and money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

"Something fierce tugs at your heart and you are not sure where to turn, I turned to what I knew best: music" says Fusari, whose music career includes works with Destiny's Child, Jessica Simpson, Whitney Houston, & Jonas Brothers. With his musical talent, he produced the beautiful song, Season for Love to remind not only himself but everyone, that there should not only be one season for love, it should be everyday.

Co-written with the late Irwin Levine (“Tie a Yellow Ribbon"), Rob Fusari revived the song with New York singer/songwriter Zach Macko. Zach embraced the opportunity to lend his heartfelt voice to the Season for Love song. He will be performing the song live at NJ Songwriters in the Round on Wednesday, December 19th at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ.

Season for Love song can be heard on their myspace music page: www.myspace.com/seasonforlove . Visitors to the site have the opportunity to make a small donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and receive the download as a special thank you. The limited edition CDs are also available.

"The amount you give does not matter; the fact that you donate to a cause is what really matters, that is the message I want to convey this holiday season," says Fusari. Whatever charity tugs at your heart, donate. Make it matter.

Phil Wednesday, August 08, 2007
2:34 PM

"Best Lines" 8/7/07-8/7/07

So I wanted to come up with some kind of definitive “Best Lines” list, the best lines ever written in any song. Well, I don’t think I can come up with a DEFINITIVE list at the moment, but here’s what I came up with yesterday as I was driving down to New Haven. And no, “Blood on the streets in the town of New Haven” is not one of the lines. Although I couldn’t get that out of my head all day. I also couldn’t get that Sean Kingston “You’re so beautiful girl….that’s why it’ll never work” song out of my head either. “You have me su-i-ci-dal, su-i-ci-dal, su-i-ci-dal when ya say is oooooveeerrrrrr.”

So here it is, the list of top ten lines ever written in any song, just from what I thought of on my ride to New Haven, CT on August 7, 2007:

10) “I’m like ‘so what, I’m drunk.’”- R.Kelly, “Ignition (Remix)

9) “Right now he’s probably dabbing on three dollars worth of that bathroom Polo.” -Carrie Underwood, “Before He Cheats”

8) “He used to do surgery for girls in the 80’s, but gravity always wins.” –Radiohead, “Fake Plastic Trees”

7) “All the other girls here are stars, you are the Northern Lights.” –Josh Ritter, “Kathleen”

6) “Big Poppa been smooth since days of Underoos.” -Notorious B.I.G. “Hypnotize”

5) “She used to work in a diner, never saw a woman look finer, I used to order just to watch her float across the floor.” -Neil Young, “Unknown Legend”

4) “Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies!” –Neil Diamond, “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show”

3) “Some say quit or I’ll go blind, but it’s just a myth.” -Green Day, “Longview”

2) “A lady doesn’t wander all over the room and blow on some other guy’s dice!” -Frank Sinatra (Loesser), “Luck Be A Lady”

1) “Never trust a big butt and a smile.” –Bell Biv DeVoe “Poison”

Phil Monday, May 21, 2007
11:14 PM

R20 on BOS (That means "River to Ocean" on 92.9 WBOS)

"River to Ocean" was was played Sunday on 92.9 WBOS, which for those of you who don't know, is a GREAT station here in Boston for, well, my kind of music. That tune was written around this time of year and makes me think of spring and summer, so its an excellent choice!

Thanks so much to 'BOS for bringing me into their Boston Music Sundays! Tune in locally at 92.9 FM on the dial, or live and streaming at http://www.wbos.com/

Just as kind of a related side note, I kind of complain under my breath from time to time that all too few people or organizations support good local music. Its wonderful to see WBOS weaving some local music in during DAYTIME PROGRAMMING HOURS on Sunday! They deserve a lot of credit and a lot of thanks for stepping up and helping the local music community, which is filled with a lot of talented artists who are working harder than most people realize.

Phil Wednesday, May 09, 2007
12:52 PM

My favorite new album title of late...

"Pure BS"

by country star Blake Shelton. brilliant. hilarious.

Phil Saturday, April 21, 2007
1:06 PM


I’ve been meaning for a while now to be a little more involved in my journal here (I know most people call it a B-L-O-G…but I hate that word! “Online journal” isn’t much better, but it is. Slightly.) Anyway, I’ve been wanted to update this more often and not just with the music mailer stuff I send out to everyone, but as you know if you’ve been coming here, I haven’t been doing that.

But the other day I got a call from a friend of mine….it’s a celebrity friend, kind of a major celebrity, so I don’t feel comfortable using his name. I’ll just call him “Alec B.” “Alec B.” called and left me a message the other day that really got me thinking…

I have been very selfish and neglecting some important people in my life. My fans. My fans that come to this site to check out the journal and see what’s going on in my life and what’s in my innermost thoughts.

I’ve hidden behind the “I’m too busy” excuse, but “Alec B’s” voicemail made me realize that it was really just my own selfishness. Sure, it was one of those “tough love” voicemails, but he said the things I needed to hear. He was right, sometimes I can be a rude, thoughtless little pig. (He also said some nasty things about my mother, and I’m not sure where that came from, but he does that sometimes. That’s just kind of his way.)

So from now on, I promise to be much better about this journal (b-l-o-g), posting BOTH the oh-so-interesting music news in my life AND the fascinating, sometimes scary, innermost thoughts and feelings I have. Just like Marcia Brady. That is a promise I make to you.

Ok, I gotta go now. “Alec B.” is flying in for the day.

Phil Friday, February 16, 2007
12:04 PM

HAPPY Valentine’s Day free download!

HAPPY Valentine’s Day free download!

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is the most sacred, holy, wonderful, beautiful, special, sweet, pure, non-contrived holiday in all the year, and in honor of that, I’m posting the song “Goodnight Kiss” on my MySpace page and available as a FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time. Cause who wouldn’t love a goodnight kiss on this, of all days!

NOTE: Please ignore the other free downloads “No Heart Ache” and “Lying and Stealing.” Although they might appear to be, they are DEFINITELY NOT ANTI-LOVE SONGS….no way! I couldn’t possibly ever write any of those. It is all about Love after all, now isn’t it ladies and gentlemen…???

Below is the link:


12:02 PM

SCREW Valentine’s Day free download!

SCREW Valentine’s Day free download!

Don’t you hate this Hallmark holiday Valentine’s Day crap?! It’s the stupidest, silliest, worst, most contrived holiday in all the year…

…so in honor of that, I’m posting the song “No Heart Ache” on my MySpace page and available as a FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time.

And if you’re feeling even more bitter, you can download last year’s “Screw Valentine’s Day” song “Lying and Stealing” for free as well! Cause what would express your feelings better than “Loving you is a full-time job, but I’m not a working man…”

NOTE: Please ignore the first free download on the page “Goodnight Kiss.” Although it might appear to be, it is DEFINITELY NOT A LOVE SONG…no way! I couldn’t possibly ever write one of those. Those are way too cheesy for me…

Below is the link:


Phil Friday, November 24, 2006
11:16 AM

Interview: Band Of The Week - Phil Ayoub (Blogcritics)

Interview: Band Of The Week - Phil Ayoub
Written by A.L. Harper
Published November 18, 2006
Part of Band of the Week

This week’s Band of the Week is deep-thinking, deep-feeling, Springsteen fan Phil Ayoub (pronounced A-yoob). This quintessential all American boy from Boston has taken the long way round to his music career. Phil did what all of us know we should after high school; he went to college. Boston College to be exact, and he earned his MBA. After college he joined a large investment firm but his secret passion for music wouldn’t die.

Slowly he made a name for himself, in the Boston area, as frontman for the indie band Riverside Train. Riverside Train’s popularity grew giving Ayoub plenty of experience performing live, writing songs, and recording. When they eventually broke up, Ayoub decided to go solo. A prolific songwriter, he had over 40 of his own acoustic demos ready for an album. That’s when he saw an ad on a local trade website from a musician/producer, Tim Bradshaw.

Bradshaw, long time keyboard and guitar player for David Gray — including the breakthrough album White Ladder and international top ten hit “Babylon” — had recently moved to New England and was now looking for new talent to work with. Ayoub took a chance and sent Bradshaw his demos and Bradshaw signed on to produce Ayoub's debut solo album.

Schoolbus Window Paper Heart is a warm, apple pie and cold beer album with the strong American music influences of Ayoub and the Brit Rock influences of Bradshaw. This accidental partnership has created a beautiful, deep, sometimes funny, soothing album filled with acoustic guitar, jangly synth and emotive, insightful lyrics.

Ayoub’s extraordinary ability to paint a clear, poignant picture in song and his love of pure natural music combine to lead the listener through his personal, frequently humorous thoughts and experiences. Schoolbus Window Paper Heart will leave you filled with honest, warm, happy feelings.

Ayoub recently agreed to let me interview him. A funny, charismatic and urbane man, he was relaxed and friendly, as if he had always known me. We seemed like good friends from the moment we met. After discussing apple crumble, his dog Bailey, Surreal Life and ancient pornography our interview started like this…

Phil: (laughing)Innocent... that's my shtick. I let people think that.

That's your shtick? I thought Boston Boy was your shtick.

No, no, no I let people think I'm innocent; lull them into a false sense of security, a false sense of knowing who I am, then I surprise them, in a good way, of course!

Of course! I was pleasantly surprised. I know that.

Well then it works!

Are you ready? We should start the interview.

Yup, go for it. By the way, my answers can be long-winded sometimes.

So Phil, tell me how an Investment Banker with an MBA becomes a singer-songwriter?

First, let me say that I wasn't an Investment Banker per se, but I did work for an investment company for seven years, cause my friend helped me get the job. As for the MBA, well I got that for two reasons....

First, I was a bit ashamed to tell people I wanted to play music and write songs. I didn't have much experience in it and got C's in music classes in elementary school. I wanted to keep my ambitions quiet. And second, in case music didn't work out, it would help me down the line. At least I think it will!

So I was working the day job and hating it, slacking off, and doing music the rest of the time. It was like having two full-time jobs. Finally, I tossed the day job aside and am trying music full-time

So how did you learn to play, sing, and write songs?

Well I did take lessons and, in the case of singing, I still work with a vocal coach. But I basically learned by playing Hootie and the Blowfish and U2 songs. I appreciate how they could do so much and write some great songs using basic, easy chords. With those types of bands as my guide, I started to come up with my own ideas and had a feeling that I was kind of onto something.

I was also always into writing, whether it was journalism in college or creative writing in high school. I was an English major and people used to assume that I read a lot. But it was actually almost all writing. Any reading I did was Cliffs Notes…(laughing)

I never wanted to be Eric Johnson on guitar or to sing like Josh Groban. I have no idea why I just brought him up. What was he like four when I started to learn to sing? I personally get more satisfaction out of hearing a great three or four chord song with a sly, ironic lyric and a cool melody.

Do you feel the music in your soul, Phil? Because it sounds like you do.

I do, actually. Music is the only thing I've ever done where, no matter how bad I was at it, or how discouraged I got, or how much I thought I sucked at times, I just kept doing it. And kept going back the next day, not sure why, and not really consciously. I just kept doing it because, for some reason I couldn't explain, I had to. It was programmed in me. Kind of like how animals often do things on instinct. I was watching some PBS show about penguins in Antarctica last night. (laughs)

Even when I do get discouraged — and let's face it music, both as a hobby and a business, can be unfairly discouraging — I'll see things, like someone playing a guitar on TV and then I get this feeling inside like "Yeah, yeah... this is what you do."

So tell me about your debut solo album.

Well, after my old band had broken up, I had some songs that I'd been working on and decided to make some acoustic demos. I was doing them with an excellent local engineer named Viktor Kray. As we were going along, I really wasn't sure what I was going to do with them.

I thought there was an album in there somewhere, but wasn't really sure what kind, where I would make it, or with who. Some had a country feel, some sounded good acoustic, some you could hear potential with a band but I really had no direction. I had applied for a job in New York City, but didn't have interest in it. I had booked a trip to Nashville to check out that town, but had to cancel. I had these demos and really wasn't sure what to do with them.

I was online one day and saw an ad on Craigslist for a producer and musician who had just moved here from London and was looking for local talent to work with. I answered the ad and we went back and forth on email a bit. It turned out that it was Tim Bradshaw. He was in David Gray's band and also had been in the band Dogs Eye View. He was on a break between the recording of Gray's album and their next tour and was looking for a project.

I have to admit, I was definitely intimidated by the fact that here was a guy who had been involved in making "real" records. All I had done was a home-made album with my old band and some acoustic demos. But the more we spoke and got to know each other it quickly became clear that it just felt right, for both of us, I think. We had similar ideas as to how we liked to work and, if I may say, we're both very easy to work with.

The title of your debut album is Schoolbus Window Paper Heart, where does that come from?

It’s a line from the opening track on the record "White Feather". That song, which I think is pretty much one of the only very clear songs on the album, was written in the few days after 9/11 and is about the events of that day. Basically, from the perspective of someone like myself… someone who was not directly affected — in that I didn't know anyone involved — but who was still deeply affected nonetheless.

So when I was thinking about a title for the record, it jumped out at me. I liked it for the reasons I mentioned, but also for another reason. And in fact, I don't think I ever really came out and told anyone this reason, maybe one or two friends. But, I also thought it appropriate because, in many ways, that is kind of the perspective I have. I feel like, for better or worse, that's how I view the world. Kind of naively, idealistically, and maybe still like a child.

Who are your musical influences?

Many, but a lot depends on the timing of things. And what I mean by that is, if I'm planning on spending an evening working on some songs and I hear a song earlier that day that strikes me in a certain way, then that's the style that will be in my head the rest of the day. And likely, that will influence my writing later on. So in that case, I kind of think that "timing" is my biggest musical influence.

If I had to name artists, I would start with a couple of people who aren't necessarily my favorites but who I do get influenced by. Dylan, because there have been so many times where I've heard a song of his somewhere, and it has made me just want to go home right away and write music. John Lennon is one because he basically wrote about himself and things that were important to him or things that affected him.

I also find influences in Neil Diamond, Neil Young, U2, and Oasis. Oasis comes up with melodies that at first I think are silly, but four listens later, I love. I guess what I'm saying is they humanize song-writing. And sort of make it okay for me to be human, or not perfect, or whatever in my song-writing.

If you would like to listen to Phil Ayoub’s debut album Schoolbus Window Paper Heart you can find it on Phil's website or at his MySpace profile. Or better yet just buy it at CDBaby. His poignant, honest lyrics and simple melodies are more than worth it!

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A.L. Harper is an American lost in the history and passion of living in Scotland. She enjoys motorbikes, music, wanking and daydreaming. And not only is she the freakin' Assistant Music Editor for Blogcritics she is also the Reviews Editor for AllThingsGirl.com and a freelance writer for hire.

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11:13 AM


Hi Everyone…(and welcome to the new members of this list!)

Ever think to yourself “There’s a word I’m searching for to describe Phil, but it just won’t come to me…?” Well wonder no more. That word is “urbane.”

I’m very pleased to have been chosen as the “Band of the Week” feature on BLOGCRITICS.ORG this week and I recently sat down for a lovely conversation and interview with the esteemed music writer A.L. Harper, whose recent interviews have included Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics fame), Razorlight, and hot new band Locksley. So read on and see why I’m called “urbane” and wonder, just like I did, what it means…



Thanks to A.L. for doing this! One of the nicest, more engaging and interesting people I’ve met in the business so far…


TONIGHT!!! (if you read this today, of course…)
TUE. 11/21 Harper’s Ferry, Allston, MA 7pm
*** Rock ‘n Roll Speed Dating! It’s a speed-dating night for those that love live rock music. Come and watch me terrorize the daters in between songs by announcing things like “Excuse me ladies, but that gentleman over at table 12 is NOT single! I know that guy and he has a girlfriend…Yeah that’s right, that two-timing snake has a girlfriend!!!”
You might have to sign up ahead of time for this event.

***We will also be doing an encore performance set during the after-party, which is open to everyone (not just the speed daters). So come by for that! Harper’s Ferry is a great room with and superb sound. (And if it’s an “after-party,” you know R. Kelly gonna be there…)

Event Link: http://www.rnrdating.com/
Venue Link: http://www.harpersferryboston.com/
Other Band Links: http://www.threedaythreshold.com/ , http://www.themotionsick.com/

FRI. 12/1 The Times, Boston, MA, 6-9pm
***Acoustic show for those that like to partake in a little Guinness and other popular libations after a tough work week!
Venue Link: http://www.timesbar.com/

FRI. 12/15 The Times, Boston, MA, 6-9pm
***Acoustic show for those that like to partake in a little Guinness and other popular libations after a tough work week! (Wait, that sounded familiar…)
Venue Link: http://www.timesbar.com/

As always, check the website for any updates, changes, additions, cancellations, addresses, links, and details of all the people on this mailing list who waited in line outside for PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii this past week (for themselves!). You all know who you are….and what’s it worth to you to keep it quiet???


…was all we hoped it would be! Thanks to those that came out and to those that didn’t, you missed one of the coolest shows we’ve played in a long time. Thanks to Jennifer Truesdale and Vykki Vox, the fabulous hostesses, for having us. I hoped we proved our manhood.


So you say you need something new to help you rock around the Christmas tree??? Or maybe something you can listen along to ALL 8 days of Hannukah (twice a day, even!) and not get sick of? Need the perfect shirt to help give you the “holiday urbane” look that’s so hot this year? Sick of staring at the Joey McIntyre poster on your closet door (as if!)?

Your prayers have been answered! Wishes granted! Ask and you shall receive! Yes, the Phil Ayoub merchandise store page is now open for business, just in time for you to handle ALL your holiday shopping. That’s right, the laziest holiday shopper in the world (that would be me) has made it just as easy for you to be lazy this year too.

So just do what I do, and give out Phil Ayoub merchandise at holiday time! Make it a special holiday for the loved ones in your life and order one or more of the following items from the new store page…

*Schoolbus Window Paper Heart CD- $12.99

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Thanks everyone for the great and continued support! And a very Happy Thanksgiving!



…And for those of you that don’t have your dictionaries handy:

urbane [ur-beyn] -adjective
1. having the polish and suavity regarded as characteristic of sophisticated social life in major cities.
2. reflecting elegance, sophistication, etc., esp. in expression

-Synonyms 1. suave, cosmopolitan.

Phil Friday, October 13, 2006
2:30 PM


Some music just simply rocks so hard that no source of power is strong enough to handle it. And its clear that my music is that kind. Proof? You need proof? Here’s your proof…

I was at WBRS radio in Waltham, MA last night, which is the Brandeis University station. Had a great time talking music with the DJ, the lovely Hadar. The show is called “The Joint Talk” and the format is usually one band or artist comes on the air for an interview and music from 10 to 11, and then another from 11-12. After finishing my interview and music segment, Hadar informed me that there was no other artist scheduled at 11, and that she would just play music from 11-12. Mostly mine, some of the songs that were not played during the previous hour from SWPH, mixed with some other stuff (she admitted she’s a big Hanson fan, so it’s a good bet that some Hanson was cued up).

I had brought along a copy of the one b-side, for lack of a better term, from the SWPH recording sessions. The song is called “Welcome to the Nightlife (Bad Day)” and those of you who have seen us live may have caught it. We play it from time to time but it’s not a live show staple. Anyway, Craig (one of our guitar players) loves the song…he says it’s his favorite song. EVER! Not just by me…..EVER! At least I think he says that. And his brother Eric (I think) says the same thing….EVER! (Even better than any Chris Cornell song). Taking their opinions into mind, I figured it was time for the song to get an airing, so brought it along to WBRS. Just as the interview section wrapped up and Hadar introduced the song and put it on, the power in the whole building blew. It was just too much…too much rock for that small station.

The station is located in the campus center, so when the power went out, I looked out the door of the station and you could see all these students coming out of other rooms, confused. That confusion turned to elation for some, as I overheard a couple saying things like “Yes! Now I don’t have to do my paper for tomorrow!” Took me back to my college days cause I was definitely that guy.

We’ll be back at Brandeis for a couple of shows (which I believe will be aired on WBRS) on Tuesday 10/17 from 10pm-midnight and Friday 10/20 from 3-5pm.

2:28 PM


UPCOMING BOSTON AREA SHOWS…please come and heckle us!

Hi Everyone,

Oh sure, we may act like divas from time to time [Carl, our drummer, needs his pitcher of water chilled to exactly 52 degrees (is that even cold for a drink? I have no idea) or he’ll take a hissy fit, Craig’s guitars are polished to a perfect shine, John….actually I wish John were more of a diva and would lose the tan corduroy jeans he wears to every show], but if there’s one thing we can tolerate, and even encourage, that would be a heckler. So please, come to these shows and heckle us! Unlike some other major artists, who will remain nameless, we will not tell you to “shut the youknowwhat up.”


Phil (that’s me) will be appearing on WBRS radio tonight (Thursday) from 10-11pm. It’ll be a live interview mixed with tracks from the record (and possibly an as-yet-unheard B-side…). Its 100.1 on your dial in Waltham and Boston, or check out the link below to listen online.


Friday night will be a live band show at The Times on Broad St. in Boston. Yup, we’ve been asked to play at The Times, the best Irish bar in Boston, on Friday the 13th, which I believe is St. Patrick’s Day in some alternate universe. (I LOVE The Times! Have I said that before?) Jesse’s cover band will be playing a set of songs before we go on. Then we’ll be singing and drinking Guinness until 2am. Festivities start at 9:30.


THU. 10/12 WBRS Radio, Live on-air segment, 10-11pm

FRI. 10/13 The Times, Boston, MA, w/Driving Blind, 9:30pm

TUE. 10/17 Brandeis University, “The Joint,” 10pm-midnight
***The original, infamous WBRS live music night. Full-band show.

WED. 10/18 Borders Books and Music, Downtown Crossing, Boston 12:30pm
*** Duo acoustic set with Evan. Lunchtime show for the working crowd…our version of “Save the Yuppies.”

FRI. 10/20 Brandeis University, “The Coffeehouse,” Waltham MA 3pm-5pm
*** Friday afternoon solo acoustic show at “The Coffeehouse” on campus.

As usual, please check the dates page of the website for any updates, changes, additions, cancellations, phone numbers, addresses, etc.



On September 22nd, we did our part to bid farewell to the famed rock club CBGB’s as it nears the close of it’s over 30-year run. We played a set at CBGB’s Gallery as part of MEANYfest and a big thanks to everyone in NYC who came out to the show. An even bigger thanks to my cousin’s wife Judy, who brought HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES to the show for us!!! Definitely the highlight of the trip! (Are we really considered rock stars if we’re backstage at CBGB’s Gallery, where everyone else is doing coke and drinking Jack, and we’re eating chocolate chip cookies??? Just picture that for a moment….)


The Podcast Junkie has done an extensive interview and feature show with a lot of great questions and some music. There are some audio glitches early on but they do get corrected, so stick through it. It’s an excellent interview and well worth it. Here’s a link below, go to “archives” and find show #9:



Speaking of podcasts, there were a number of podcasts and specialty radio programs that were dedicated to commemorating the 5th anniversary of September 11, 2001, and many of them played “White Feather.” As I’ve said in the past, I wish there was never a reason to write the song, but I do appreciate that they chose to play it on their shows and thank them for it. It actually was the #3 most played podcast song for the month of September. See the link below for info on these great podcasts:


Thanks to Jersey Joe for his great work on keeping the podcast info up-to-date and organized.


As September ended, we played our last Wednesday night show at Paddy O’s and we just wanted to thank everyone at Paddy O’s and everyone that came down to the shows and had some mid-week fun with us. And most importantly, helped raise money for the Jimmy Fund.


I am proud to have three songs included in a local music CD Compilation from the Bennett Alliance. We will be holding some giveaways for these discs at all our shows (while supplies last, of course!). Check out the link below and check out the great other bands included on the disc, The Daniel Bennett Group, Colin Stack and Novelty Act, and The Kode (“The kode, Mr. Takagi….the kode!”):


Thanks everyone!



PS- No one was doing coke at CBGB’s (that I know of). But we still would have been happier with the cookies.

Phil Wednesday, August 30, 2006
12:59 PM

LATEST MAILER: New York, New York; Radio Radio; Paddy O’s (Paddy O’s)…


Hi Everyone,

Well as the Boston Red Sox continue their um, steamroll towards the playoffs, ahem….the Sox ticket raffle to benefit the Jimmy Fund has been rolling along nicely at Paddy O’s, with the next pair of tickets scheduled to be raffled off this Wednesday (TONIGHT)! The shows and the crowds have been great, so please come check it out, buy some raffle tickets to support the Jimmy Fund (they’re only 3 bucks a piece), and win a pair of Sox tickets for a September game ($160 face value). Here are some shows, including one in New York City…


WED. 8/30 Paddy O’s, Boston, MA, 9-11:00pm
***”Boston City Limits” Wednesday Night Music Series, w/Red Sox ticket giveaway

WED. 9/6 Paddy O’s, Boston, MA, 9-11:00pm
***”Boston City Limits” Wednesday Night Music Series, w/Red Sox ticket giveaway

WED. 9/13 Paddy O’s, Boston, MA, 9-11:00pm
***”Boston City Limits” Wednesday Night Music Series, w/Red Sox ticket giveaway

WED. 9/20 Paddy O’s, Boston, MA, 9-11:00pm
***”Boston City Limits” Wednesday Night Music Series.

FRI. 9/22 CBGB’s Gallery, New York, NY, 6pm-TENTATIVE
***30-minute set at M.E.A.N.Y.fest in New York City. This is tentative so please check in for confirmation.

WED. 9/27 Paddy O’s, Boston, MA, 9-11:00pm
***”Boston City Limits” Wednesday Night Music Series.

As usual, please check the dates page of the website for any updates, changes, additions, cancellations, phone numbers, addresses, and the up-to-the-minute social status of Gary, the Paddy O’s bartender. Not only does he make the best post-show strawberry daiquiri, but he has inspired the comments “Why can’t all bartenders be this cute?!” and “You didn’t tell me Gary was so hot!”


(For the record, I’ve always said that Gary was that hot…)

RADIO CAMPAIGN (including XM Satellite Radio):

A small radio campaign is underway which has resulted in over 40 new radio station adds in the last month or so. One of note, XM Satellite Radio’s XM Café (Channel 45) has had both “Carnival Days” and “Lying and Stealing” in steady rotation. If you have XM radio, and listen to it (hello Corinna, John T…), please take a second and email in a request for one of these songs. Here’s the link:

XM Café-channel 45 (“Carnival Days” and “Lying and Stealing”)

The full list of stations is too long to insert here, but I will include a partial list at the end of this mailer, broken down by region, for whoever wants to check it out.

If you’d like to make a request, it would be greatly appreciated. I would ask only that you do so if you actually will listen or already listen to that station (either on radio or streaming it online). Program directors and DJ’s can spot a fake request easily, and that doesn’t help the cause. So check out the end of this mailer and please make a request if you can, and if you plan on listening.

*If you’d rather not make a request, no problem. I can quit the whole music thing and move back into my parents’ basement. It really wouldn’t be that bad. I mean, I could probably stay out as late as I want, as long as I check in by 11. And my mom even has my room the way I left it, with the Star Wars sheets on the bed, the Paula Abdul “Spellbound” poster on the wall, and the set of Choose Your Own Adventure books (complete set through 1989) in the bookshelf. Here it is in simple terms:

Your request = Phil not in his parents’ basement, becomes a rich and famous rock star, is forever indebted to you and to thank you, annually takes you to Vegas (in his private jet called the Riverside Plane) to party with him, Puff Daddy and Michael Jordan.

No request = Phil moves back into his parents’ basement and legally changes his name to Cliff Claven.


Everyone's favorite podcasting uncle, UncleShag, has done an entire show dedicated to our music, with an extensive interview. Check it out on the link below and support UncleShag and his Longtown Podcast! It’s a great daily podshow that will introduce you to some excellent stuff!



I was thrilled to find out that “Carnival Days” was selected for The Best of the Great American Music Hour vol. 3 sampler CD from Lost Cat Records. This is a fantastic sampler that is available on iTunes so check for it there!


Speaking of “Carnival Days,” Evolving Artist Media has chosen that song to be featured on its ENGAGE Internet Radio station, which also features songs by Shawn Mullins, Carbon Leaf, Edwin McCain and Starsailor, and others. The number of spins the song gets is determined by votes so please check the site out and put in a vote or two for “Carnival Days.” It’s extremely easy to do, just a scroll and a click. Check out the link below. So vote early and….ah, I forget the next part….



I want to take a second to thank Jack, our sound guy, for the excellent work that he does. Jack’s not leaving us, but it was pointed out to me that I have never actually publicly thanked him, so I would like to do that now. “Thanks Jack.”

(Editor’s Note: I would like to address the rumor that the individual who pointed this oversight out to me is indeed Jack himself. That fact was never explicitly stated, nor implied. The official response on the record is “no comment.”)

Thanks again to everyone for the continued support. It’s been a great (but fast) summer!



(Hey Jack, was that okay???)

So here’s that radio play I mentioned above, for whoever would like it:

XM Café (“Carnival Days” and “Lying and Stealing”)


88.1 WCHC-Worcester, MA
(508) 793-2474
AIM: wchc881

90.7 WTCC-Springfield, MA

100.1 WBRS-Waltham, MA
(781) 736-5BRS (5277)
AIM: wbrsfm

91.1 WMUA-Amherst, MA
(413) 545-FM91 (3691)

89.3 WTBU-Boston, MA
(617) 353-6400


88.1 WBSR-Providence, RI
AIM: BSR Request

90.9 WCNI-New London, CT

89.3 WRTC-Hartford, CT


91.1 WBOR-Brunswick, ME
(207) 725-3250

89.9/102.9 WERU-E. Orland, ME

90.9/104.1 WMPG-Portland, ME
(207) 780-4909

90.1 WRUV-Burlington, VT
(802) 656-4399


91.7 WICB-Ithaca, NY
(607) 274-3217

90.7 WGCC-Batavia, NY

88.5 WRUR-Rochester, NY
(585) 275-9787

89.7 WGLS-Glassboro, NJ
856 863 WGLS

SOUTHEAST (I think…):

91.1 WMSV-Millersville, MS (“White Feather” #28 on Top 100, with a bullet!)
(662) 325-8064

99.9 WQNR-Auburn, AL


KOTO-Telluride, CO (91.7FM, 89.3FM, 105.5FM)

88.7 KRZA-Alammosa, CO

KVNF-Paonia, CO
(866) KVNF NOW

88.9 KRFC-Fort Collins, CO


90.5 KHSU-Arcata, CA

90.3 KEXP-Seattle, WA


89.9 WORT-Madison, WI
(866) 899-WORT (9678)


89.5 CIUT -Toronto, ON

Phil Wednesday, August 09, 2006
3:58 PM

Hi Everyone…

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to Johnny D’s for the CD Release Party…it was an incredible night and a great way to PROPERLY launch a CD!

Most of all, thanks to the fans, friends, and family who made it a special night. There was such a great vibe in that room coming from the crowd….it made it so easy for us to get up there and relax and play music. Hope you all had fun. I did! My good friend (from 5th grade…) Adam Olenn took some great pictures. Check them out at the link below:


Also, thanks to Dana and Sean at Johnny D’s, Jennifer Truesdale and her crew of Alexis and Billy, the guys in the band for playing their usual tight show, and Tim Bradshaw, the producer of the record, for dropping in on a last-minute break from his tour with David Gray to play some songs with us!


Tonight!!! WED. 8/9 Paddy O’s, Boston, MA, 9-11:00pm
***”Boston City Limits” Wednesday Night Music Series, w/Red Sox ticket giveaway

SAT. 8/12 Borders Books and Music Café, North Attleboro, MA, 2:30-4
***3-man acoustical jam show for the grand opening of their café.

SUN. 8/13 The Middle East-Downstairs, Cambridge, MA 5:30pm
*** We’ll be performing a short full-band set as part of the Boston Rockers for Life (prevention of drunk driving) benefit compilation CD Release Party.

WED. 8/16 Paddy O’s, Boston, MA, 9-11:00pm
***”Boston City Limits” Wednesday Night Music Series, w/Red Sox ticket giveaway

WED. 8/23 Paddy O’s, Boston, MA, 9-11:00pm
***”Boston City Limits” Wednesday Night Music Series, w/Red Sox ticket giveaway

THU. 8/24 The Landing, Newport, RI, 7-11pm
*** Solo acoustic originals and covers, right on the waterfront in Newport, weather-permitting.

WED. 8/30 Paddy O’s, Boston, MA, 9-11:00pm
***”Boston City Limits” Wednesday Night Music Series, w/Red Sox ticket giveaway

As usual, please check the dates page of the website for any phone numbers, changes, cancellations, additions…you know the drill.



As many of you know, we’ve been holding raffles for Red Sox tickets at some of our shows and we’re thrilled to say that in just a few weeks we’ve already raised over $1,000 for The Jimmy Fund. That’s awesome and thanks to everyone who’s participated! Raffles will be continuing at the Wednesday night shows at Paddy O’s (that rhymes) so come on down and get your tickets (that doesn’t rhyme).


A few months ago I was thrilled to find out that I was chosen out of 920 artists to be one of 21 bands included on the Boston Rockers for Life compilation CD, which is for the prevention of drunk driving. These discs are available at all Newbury Comics locations, as well as at our shows, and the proceeds go towards the charity.

In addition, they are having a HUGE, and I mean huge, 21 band show at the famed Middle East in Cambridge MA this Sunday 8/13. We are excited to be participating as we’ll be playing a short 20-minute set at about 5:30pm. Sure we won’t be playing a lot of songs, but a whole bunch of other great bands with be playing as well and it’ll be for a great cause. The day starts at 2pm so come on down whenever. See us play a bit and, even better, hang out with us! Details below…



Speaking of needing a vacation (was I???), who wants to go to Martha’s Vineyard??? (I know a couple of people who definitely want to….but I digress.) Vineyard radio station WMVY has released its new “Fresh Produce vol. 2” CD Sampler which includes “Lying and Stealing.” These discs are available for free at select locations and also at some of our shows, while supplies last. WMVY is playing tracks from the disc on the air, so call or email them with a request for “Lying and Stealing.” They’ve recently increased the signal so it can be heard in much further out now in parts of MA and RI on 92.7. I was actually on the Vineyard recently and stopped in to say hello. Barbara Dacey and everyone there was extremely nice and even had me on the air for a short interview. The link to the sampler is below.



I just wanted to feature a couple of podcasts that have done special shows focused around the CD Release Party and such…

Don at The Big Break at LowCounrtyRadio.com has an excellent extensive interview show with about 40 minutes of music and questions. Click below, then on the “Big Break” icon and scroll down to show #21.


RDM from RightishBrain podcast has done a great post-CD Release Party wrap-up show. Click the link and scroll to the “Post Concert Rock Block” show.



Songs are now available for individual sale at CDFreedom.com. Check out the link below to buy:



And finally, for anyone who’s interested in a little social outing…I’ll be heading out to see singer/songwriter Greg Johnson Friday night at the Paradise Lounge. Greg recently put out a great new record called Here Comes the Caviar (you’ve probably heard the song “Save Yourself” all over AAA radio) and is playing in town this week. I think tickets are only 8 bucks if you get them at this link:


Told ya there was a lot of stuff! Thanks for reading down this far and thanks to all the new people who’ve signed up over the last couple of weeks. I really appreciate the support…..I promise to keep it interesting!




Phil Sunday, May 14, 2006
11:27 PM

Gotta add something the ever-expanding “dream come true” department….Having someone come up to the mic and sing one of my songs.

That happened Friday night at the Irish Village in Brighton where I played an unlisted show of covers….well, MOSTLY covers. As per Irish Village (IV) tradition, special guests are welcome to come up and sing. I’m always amazed at the talented people in that place who, for most of the night just sit incognito sipping their Guinness and talking to their friends. And then for one or two songs, come up and sing like they, well, like the play and practice more than I do!

This Friday we had two guests, Elizabeth and Brenda…

Elizabeth is special cause she loves Bruce, as of course, so do I. She got up and did a dead-on version of Thunder Road, not even needing the lyrics. And as Melissa Etheridge will tell you, there’re a lot of words in that song! That was in addition to her fantastic Angel from Montgomery earlier on.

Brenda, I’d thought was gonna go with The First Cut is the Deepest, which I was semi-prepared for. Instead a curveball….Lying and Stealing. Yeah, one of mine. She said she wanted to do background and maybe kind of trade lead vocals a little, but I could tell she could handle the whole thing….and she did. Quite a thrill for me to experience, I have to say.

Speaking of the Irish Village and Lying and Stealing, if you check out the credits in the CD booklet, you’ll see that the backing vocals on that song were done by Laura McFarland. Laura was a bartender at the IV who, after much prodding, sang Hit Me With Your Best Shot a couple of times (yes, I do know how to play it on guitar!) and blew the place away. So when it came to recording the SWPH album and we wanted female background vocals on a couple of songs, we called Laura.

The IV is always fun…..sloppy, but fun. It was good to be back. Special hellos to some of the people who came out that night and Paddy O’s last week….Kim and Brian, Elizabeth, Maria, and friends, Brenda and friends, Kati and Andrea (where are my myspace friend requests???), Kim and Toni (same Kim), Kelly (BTE and Oasis were ready), and the Tufts graduating class pub crawl, who didn’t believe I went to Tufts until I started naming the dorms I lived in, the classes I failed, etc.

Phil Wednesday, April 05, 2006
12:24 AM


Yeah, I know, I know that this journal entry is a long time in coming…even longer if you knew that I typed it out twice, didn’t save it, and lost it both times when my laptop shut down. So anyway, since I was out in Oaktown a couple of weeks ago where you can literally FEEL the MC Hammer influence, I will “break it down”….


Contrary to what some might have thought, my first appearance on the Sunset Strip was NOT on the street corner of Sunset and La Cienega, thankyouverymuch! I was thrilled to be a part of the Noise in the Basement series at the Viper Room and want to thank Drew, Ben, Melissa, Andy, and sounguy Eric for a putting all together and making it happen. I also want to thank my hosts in Los Angeles, JK, CK, and GK (thanks for the stickers for my guitar case, Georgie!), as well as everyone who showed up from far (Vegas and San Fran.) and near (Sherman Oaks and Doheny Street, which is like 3 streets over from the Viper). The place is pretty much as cool as they say it is and the downstairs is an extremely intimate setting. For the performers and the audience!

So speaking of Oaktown, I got to catch up with Tim there for the David Gray show at the Paramount Theater (or Theatre, depending on how pomp…I mean, “formal” you want to be). It was a killer show in a beautiful old-but-renovated theater/theatre. Phallic symbol above the entrance aside, it’s quite a place to see a show. Makes it more of an event, rather than just a concert. Of course it helped that those guys put on an incredible performance. I’d thought they were excellent the last time I saw them in Boston, but this show even blew that one away. I highly recommend Gray’s new record Life in Slow Motion. I know I’m gonna get hell for saying this, top to bottom, I think its stronger than White Ladder. Go ahead, kill me for that. Anyway, the songs sounded even better live.


It’s pronounced Tat-tsa, not Toz-za. Ok, so Providence is NOT West Hollywood and Café Tazza is NOT the Viper Room, but let’s not get all snotty now. The set at Café Tazza last Wednesday was one of the most enjoyable in a while. My good friend Jesse Denson played guitar, as it was a duo acoustic show, and did a fantastic job. I was especially impressed since we only had one proper rehearsal the night before, in addition to going over the songs quickly right before the show. If you recognize Jesse’s name, it’s because he co-wrote “Lying and Stealing” (Did you know that Matt?). It was great to see some old faces I hadn’t seen in a while that night.


So I’ve been lucky enough to have had a few little (or not so little) dreams come true lately and last Saturday evening was one of them. I went to see my good friend, former guitar teacher, and always musical spiritual guide Greg Hodde play. I had never had the opportunity to get up and sing with Greg (but always secretly…or not-so secretly, wanted to). Greg was kind enough to ask me on stage to do Jumpin Jack Flash. It was indeed, a gas gas gas. Thanks Greg.

Phil Thursday, February 09, 2006
2:00 PM


As some of you know, over the last 9 years or so, I have had a love/hate/hate/hate/love/love/hate relationship with the state of New Jersey (no need to get into any specifics here...). But that trend is shifting and Jersey is showing the love once again. As mentioned on the news page, “Carnival Days” was recently played on Jim Monaghan’s “All Mixed Up” program on Jersey’s 105.5 WDHA. Also, I have appreciated a lot of support from a man known only as “Jersey Joe” (actually that’s not true. He’s also known as “Joe Benefits” and “Joey Appleseed,” and I think a few other things, but that’s beside the point). In addition to Joe, I have recently gotten some great and much appreciated support from another group of people, many of whom are from the Backstreets Exchange messageboard, but not all of whom are from New Jersey:

(these are their screenames, by the way)
Max Law
I’m easilyfound
Steel Mill Retro


Alex from Classic Tuxedo
(non-BTXers who have helped out)

Thank you guys very much!

Phil Friday, January 20, 2006
11:45 AM


A select, and very fortunate, few of you remember when "Buzzy's" was THE ONLY late night/all night food joint in Boston. Now, I'm talking about the OLD Buzzy's...the Buzzy's with the caricatures describing the sandwiches (Rocky Balboa on the Philly Cheesesteak: "Yo Adrian, it's delicious!"), the Buzzy's who's "restroom" was the brick wall behind the kitchen, the Buzzy's that had a parking spot up front reserved for the Board of Health, the Buzzy's with the "Large or Small" lady who would give you the tongue-lashing of your life if you took too long to decide ("Large...or Small???......IT IS NOT DIFFICULT!!!), and Buzzy himself, who would flash his 6-tooth smile at you if you ate more than one meal a day there. And the Buzzy's with the large sign out front "Buzzy's Famous Seafood, Coming Soon!" What a perfect little piece of sublime Zen-ness that was. "Hmm......Famous Seafood, coming soon.....hmmmm......how could it be 'famous' if it hasn't even arrived yet?????????" I still ponder that one.

So these were the thoughts that went through my head each time I went to this Journal page and saw "Coming Soon!!!" at the top. I also realized how lame I was in not getting it going sooner. And also, how lame Jill (webgirl Jill) was in not making it technically functioning for me anytime sooner. Oh, sure, she'd give me her excuses, "Phil, I'm pregnant!" or "Phil, I have a 2-week old baby!" to which I'd say "Yeah? So??!! People are dying to read the journal!" I do feel I have an obligation to a certain percentage of my friends and fans.....the ones that hate their jobs and look for any way to kill time in the office during the day. And I take that obligation very seriously.

Since this is the first entry, it of course makes me ask myself what kind of journal will this be? Will it be strictly music, with thoughts and comments on how things are going with record, shows, etc? Or will it be like one of those Adam Duritz journals, or Fred Durst/Billy Corgan blogs where they talk about all kinds of things in their lives? I guess it just remains to be seen which parts end up to be more interesting to share.

I just wrote a mailing list mailer about music stuff that will go out later today, so I'm not gonna get into that right now. Plus my hands hurt from typing. Just a couple of things I want to mention:

*Big congratulations to Jill (the aforementioned webgirl Jill) and Chuck, and Jim and Cynthia on new additions to the family. Jill and Chuck welcomed Gavin, and Jim (the old, I mean "former" Riverside Train drummer as most of you know) and Cynthia welcomed Marco and Sophia. I have yet to meet them, but can't wait!

*"Play it for me one time now..."

I'm gonna wait 'til the midnight hour
That's when my love comes tumbling down
I'm gonna wait 'til the midnight hour
When there's no one else around
I'm gonna take you girl and hold you
And do all things I told you in the midnight hour
(Yes I am, oh, yes I am!)

(One more thing I just wanna say right here...)
I'm gonna wait 'til the stars come out
'Til I see that twinkle in your eyes
I'm gonna wait 'til the midnight hour
That's when my love begins to shine
You're the only girl I know
That really love me so in the midnight hour
Oh yeah, in the midnight hour
(Yeah, alright! Play it for me one time now...)

I'm gonna wait 'til the midnight hour
That's when my love comes tumbling down
I'm gonna wait, wait 'til the midnight hour
That's when my love begins to shine
Just you and I
Oh baby, oh, just you and I
Nobody around baby, just you and I
You know what, I'm gonna hold you in my arms, just you and I
Oh yeah, in the midnight hour
Oh baby, in the midnight hour...

*I promise the next entry will be about more music stuff.

Phil Sunday, January 15, 2006
5:43 PM


testing, testing, 123....testing......i never did too good at tests


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